Class-leading performance with robotic directivity, allowing users to adjust vertical & horizontal dispersion in real-time – even after an array is flown.

Converging Technologies.

Intelligent System Architecture

The technological building blocks at the core of these systems are the highest-performance, most future-ready on the planet.

Every single component is designed to maximize output, efficiency & flexibility.

Featuring integrated power electronics, network endpoints, DSP, inclinometers, IR sensors & robotic actuators, each module is part of an advanced technological ecosystem offering unmatched coverage options & performance.
Core Technology

Multi-Axis Coverage.

Precise, real-time robotic control

Variable robotic actuation is about more than functionality; it lets users manipulate a vertical line source to 0.1° of resolution & adjust the horizontal coverage of each individual module.

With a precisely tapered array, users can significantly expand stereo imaging, avoid challenging obstacles & drastically reduce noise pollution.

.dynamic Workflow.

Every essential tool, one software suite

PK .dynamics brings every aspect of your workflow into a single platform – from simulation & measurement to networking, system control & beyond.

Take your design from conception to the real world with the flexibility of real-time adjustments to conquer unexpected challenges – even after your system is flown.
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Alliance Member Systems

Collaborative Infrastructure

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The Bunker

Opening in 2022, the PK Alliance Centre Europe is a state-of-the-art testing, demonstration, and education facility in Buggenhout, Belgium.

Centrally-located between Brussels and Antwerp.
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